UFC 196: Conor Mcgregor vs Nate Diaz GIFs and Highlights

Dana White always says that the “oddsmakers in this town are nuts” and Nate Diaz (a +400 underdog) defeated Conor Mcgregor (-350 favourite) in spectacular fashion proving him right.

Diaz used his longer reach to keep away from Conor’s greatest strengths at his native featherweight division.  Diaz peppered the Irishman with open hand slaps to bate him into a slug fest.  Once Conor dropped his hands, Diaz caught him with a stiff 1-2 combination, Conor dove for a half-hearted double leg takedown and the exhausted BJJ brown belt had no chance against a fresher looking, world class, Gracie Black Belt.

Let’s have a look at the grappling action below.ufc 196 diaz (watermarked).gif

Conor dives for the double leg, having no energy behind the attack, Nate easily sprawls to defend.

Nate slides in a deep guillotine choke

Conor attempts to hop over Nates legs to get to side control to negate the pressure of the choke but Nate expertly traps Conor’s leg to keep him under control

Conor is forced to attempt to roll to his back and then to his knees to avoid being choked out .

Conor manages to get to his back but Nate, again, expertly ties up the righht arm of Conor to prevent him from getting to his knees

(This is almost identical to the scramble with Chad Mendes, however, Mendes secured the left arm of Conor just a second late and Conor was able to scramble to his knees and then his feet.)

conor mendes(watermarked).gif

Nate slides from a tight side control, to knee on belly, to mount, again catches the right arm to prevent the rollover

Nate reigns down strikes to force Conor to roll to his knees

Nate already has his right hand in position for the rear naked choke as Conor rolls over

Conor defends the second hand, but Nate, in one motion slugs Conor in the head and slides the second hand in behind the head to finish the choke!



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