UFC 196 Meisha Tate vs Holly Holm Highlights & GIFs: Meisha puts Holly to sleep with a Rear Naked Choke

The women’s 135 belt changes hands again with Meisha Tate scoring a huge win over Holly Holm on her first title defense.
Let’s have a look at the grappling action!

Round 2
4:35 remaining
Ko Soto gake (outside reap) takedown

ufc 196 1- Tate kosoto(wm).gif
Meisha times Holly’s left and slips in a jab while shooting in for a high body lock outside reap takedown (ko soto gari) and immediately gets the far side underhook

Holly looks to sit up, but Meisha has drilled this and locks up her head for maximum control.

Holly regains half guard

This is a super effective technique as she scored the same takedown on Ronda Rousey

Another angle:
ufc 196 2- tate kosoto angle 2(wm).gif

Slow motion:

ufc 196 3- tate kosoto slowmo(wm).gif


1:47 remaining

Back take

ufc 196 4-tate -half to back(wm).gif
After being roughed up in half guard, Holly goes for broke and tries to bump and bridge Meisha and roll to her knees

Meisha picks up on the movement and immediately gets a hook in on the back mount and then the second hook


0:55 remaining

Rear Naked Choke Attempt

ufc 196 5 - tate RNC attempt(wm).gif

After some time defending the back Meisha slips in some punches to her face allowing her to slip in a rear naked choke

Holly defends two hands against Meisha’s right hand

Meisha adjusts by climbing her left hand up to her trap for a one handed rear naked choke


Round 5

2:06 Remaining

Back take takedown to rear naked choke

ufc 196 6- tate - rd5 takedown finish(wm).gif
Meisha again ducks the left of Holly (possibly eating the shot) going for the body lock but this time slips around to the back for a takedown

Holly stands up with Meisha having only one hook in but is able to secure the rear naked choke with her arms

Holly attempts to chuck her off her back but since Meisha’s arms are sunk in so tight, Holly puts herself in a worse position, Meisha gets her second hook and puts Holly to sleep


Takedown in slow mo:

ufc 196 7- tate rd 5 tkdown slow(wm).gif

Rear naked choke from another angle:

ufc 196 8- tate finish(watermarked).gif


Congratulations to Meisha Tate on winning the UFC women’s bantamweight belt!  We’re glad she never gave up and upped the level of women’s MMA!

ufc 196 9 - tate champ(watermarked).gif

What did you think of her performance and what’s next for Tate?


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