Best of Ronda Rousey: Preview of UFC 184 – Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano

UFC 184 best of RR

The UFC’s hype videos leading up to UFC 184 -Rousey Vs. Zingano will have you believe that it will be a tough contest for the dominant champion, and I hope it will be – but watching Ronda tool most of her other competitors in a matter of seconds makes me doubtful.

Mind you, my MMAth says that Cat Zingano defeated Tate, Ronda’s only opponent who made it out of the first round, so perhaps the Vegas oddsmakers are off with there -1100 to +800 odds (Rousey favoured).  Again, I doubt it, but you never know.

Before we get to the best of Ronda, let’s have a look at the best breakdown videos around.  BJJ Scout analyzes hours of footage and breaks down MMA fighters games like no one else.

Ronda’s UFC 184 Open Workout

With that, here is the best of Ronda Rousey! Enjoy.

Rousey Vs Tate I – arm break armbar (WARNING: GRAPHIC!)

Might as well kick things off with a bang (or a snap)!

Ronda throws people

Reporters, Eddie Bravo, Nick Diaz, and training parts.


Ronda throwing and armbarring Bas Rutten


Ronda Rousey fights 3 men on Japanese Game Show

I hope you can watch this without getting a seziure (that’s how Japanese TV is, in case you didn’t know)


UFC 168 Rousey vs Tate ko uchi gari – foot sweep

Rousey clinches up with her usual headlock control and left wrist. She taps the close foot with a de ashi barai to judge Tate’s distance, fakes an uchi mata to get a backwards reaction following the movement with a ko uchi gari foot sweep.



UFC 168 – Harai Goshi (sweeping hip throw) with a hop



UFC 170 – Ronda Staring Down Sara McMann

But that mean mug though.


UFC 170 – Rousey vs McMann Knee to the liver knockout

Ronda’s knee sinks about half a foot into to McMann’s midsection.


UFC 175 – one GIF fight against Alexis Davis

UFC 175-RR-throw(watermarked)


Renato Laranja hitting on Honda Housey

Too funny because this is before she knew who Renato was.  Renato questions her motives on training with Edgy Bravo (because he’s all about the heefer).


Honda Housey teaching utsuri goshi and sode tsurikomi goshi on our favourite 10th degree BJJ Black Belch Renato Laranja

Ronda throwing Renato around with some snappy throws


Ronda Rousey showing off her judo prior to her StrikeForce fight with Julia Budd

One of the best demo’s of Ronda’s smooth judo.


Ronda Rousey career highlight

I’ll leave you with this.

Are you pumped for the fights?  Do you see Cat winning? If so what round and how?

Post in the comments below!


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