How to do an Ippon Seoi Nage Infographic ArtOfGrappling Featured Artist: Maria Catoni

judo infographic how to do a ippon seoi nage

Today ArtOfGrappling is finally going to live up to it’s name; we are featuring our first judo artist: Maria Catoni!

Maria is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY and was a judoka throughout middle and high school. Infographics are one of her passions, as they allow her to help others better understand the world Check out Maria’s website here


judo infographic how to do a ippon seoi nage
How to do an ippon seoi nage. Click for larger view.
When we asked Maria about how she came up with the design, Maria told us this:


The goal of the project was to create a step–by–step diagram of a judo technique that can be easily followed by learners of the sport. I broke the throw into eight steps rather than the usual three or four in order to capture the finer points of the movement. For reference, I used various instructional videos and photographs. This model can be extended to all other techniques in the sport. I chose Ippon Seoi Nage, as I fondly remember it for earning me my first Ippon in competition, but ideally I’d love to work with a current judoka to extend the series!


Like this judo art? Have your own?  
Submit your judo/bjj/grappling art using the contact button above, or comment below with a link to your site!


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