Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 Judo Highlights – GIFs

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotlandfrom July 23-August 4 played host to 71 different countries, namely England and her former colonies… I kidd, I kidd.

There was some sick judo, so on with the throws!

(click the pictures for larger higher quality version)

Ivica Pavlinic (NZ) vs Jonah Burt (CAN)

Ivica Pavlinic (NZ) vs Jonah Burt (CAN)(wm)

In a match leading up to the Quarter-Finals in the under 81 Men’s kilogram, our own Canadian talent, Jonah Burt pulls a stunning Uchi-mata. In a perfect action and reaction situation, Burt tests Pavlinic with an osoto-gari. Burt’s New Zealand opponent stiffens up in anticipation and leans forward with his arms stretched out. Burt says, good bye, and launches him for an ippon for one of the most brilliant throws during the tournament.

Renicks (SCO) vs Likmabam(IND)

Renicks (SCO) vs Likmabam(IND)(wm)

On the women’s side (-48kg), Renicks of Scotland and Likmabam of India battle it out in a gold medal match. In another classic action and reaction scenario, Renicks goes for the Uchi-mata with Likmabam defending it by trying to step out and transferring her weight to the other foot. Renicks takes advantage and performs an inside foot sweep (ko uchi gari), catching her opponent off guard for a clean ippon.


Oates (ENG) vs Krassas (CYP)

oates-eng vs Krassas-cyp(wm)

Finally to demonstrate judo groundwork, excellent transition, and continuous attacks, Oates attacks with an Uchi-mata and then transitions into a Sumi Gaeshi scoring yuko. As his opponent rolls onto his stomach, Oates quickly fishes for an arm and finishes with the submission.

See any other sweet throws at the commonwealth games?

Send them in or post in the comments below!

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