1. I prefer wearing wrestling shoes. If you plan on getting hooked, don’t compete. Barnett is always underrated. I salute his independent spirit. If I was competing, I’d wear the same gear. Nothing to cling to, nowhere to hide, pays respect to the old school masters, let’s my opponent know I’m not here to fuck around and get cute. I’m not seeking approval from the latest supercool shit bags, I’m here to win.

    1. I’ve never tried wrestling shoes but I’ve always been intrigued by them, and they definitely have the “I’m not here to fuck around” look to them . I couldn’t believe how much grip Barnett was getting with them, especially when he was pushing off his toes.

      1. And thank you kind folks for the opportunity to offer my 2 cents. Your site is awesome, I have fun trying to keep up to date, and learning and such. It’s a real top notch job you’re doing, thanks again very much. Cheers, and Happy Halloween to you and yours!

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