Andre Galvao Vs Chael Sonnen Metamoris 4 GIF Highlights

The headliner of the evening:  Chael Sonnen – an elite level UFC fighter known for his gruelling ground and pound who was within 2 minutes of defeating Anderson Silva squaring off against one of the most decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters of all time – Andre Galvao.  The odds gave Sonnen even worse odds than anyone who has faced Ronda Rousey so far, but it was one of the most exciting matches in a barn burner of an event.

Let’s have a look at the highlights!

19:57 remaining


Chael shoots in for a plow shot single and gets Galvao to his back immediately

19:57-11:20 remaining


The first eight minutes of the match went on with Chael spending most of his time in Galvao’s closed guard warding off submission attempts.

11:20 remaining


Galvao finally improves his position from closed guard to butterfly guard with double underhooks

10:40 remaining


Galvao keeps his double unders and is able to get to half guard.  Chael prevents him from going any further with a nasty whizzer

9:00 remaining


Galvao eventually gets to his knees and both grapplers get to their feet. Rather than give up a sweep, Chael gives his back allowing Andre to get his hooks in.

7:00-6:12 Remaining


Chael struggles against Andre’s rear naked choke attempts, but his hips are completely immobile due to Andre’s body triangle.  After fighting for several minutes, Chael succumbs to the rear naked choke.

Result: Andre Galvao submits Chael Sonnen with a Rear Naked Choke

Did Chael do better than expected? What did you think of Andre’s closed guard strategy at first?

Post in the comments below!

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