Vinny Magalhães vs Keenan Cornelius Metamoris 4 GIF Highlights

An immediate contrast with previous display of classic BJJ between Ribeiro and Medeiros, Keenan and Vinny put on a barn burner of new-school moves each with aggressive guard passes, nasty submission attempts, and even one person getting shoved off of the mat area.

Let’s have a look at the highlights:

14:25 remaining


Vinny slaps on a cringe-worthy heel hook but Keenan manages, somehow, to escape.

9:38 Remaining


Keenan returns the favour reefing a toe hold on Vinny, but Vinny just smiles.

5:51 Remaining


Keenan gets a nice pass and settles down into north south.

5:05 Remaining


Vinny drives his toes in hard to the mat to bridge up, he manages to get Keenan’s weight off of him and creates a scramble.  Vinny gets to his feet when Keenan gives him a hard shove Lluckily Vinny rolls and lands safely on his feet.

4:20 Remaining


Kennan tries to shoot in and Vinny attempts an uchi mata counter with both of them falling to the ground.  Kennan’s relentless guard passing attempts eventually get him to the mount immediately threatening the mounted triangle.

0:25 Remaining


Keenan holds mount and side control for several minutes with several submission attempts right up until this one here, a very close armbar attempt.  Vinny escapes and wags his finger at Keenan saying “nope you won’t get that on me pal”.

Result: Vinny Magalhães vs Keenan Cornelius DRAW

What did you think of this match?  Did you throw up in your mouth a bit when watching the submission attempts? (Pretty sure I did)

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