Saulo Ribeiro vs Rodrigo Medeiros Metamoris 4 GIF Highlights

This was an excellent display of Classic Brazilian jiu-jitsu put on by two legends of the sport. Most of the action was on the feet as jumping guard would be a sign of inferiority – that is until the match started wearing on.

Let’s have a look at the highlights:

19:23 remaining

m4-ribeiro-sumi gaeshi(wm)

Saulo gets a russian tie grip and drops in for the classic throw from this grip – Sumi Gaeshi.  Rodrigo is well aware of this throw and drops his weight back.

12:48 Remaining


Saulo gets a beautiful right drop seoi nage putting Medeiros on his back.  There’s a scramble and Ribeiro is able stabilize in top half guard.

10:40 Remaining

m4-medeirosbump and takedown(wm)

Ribeiro sets up a choke from top half guard while trying to escape his knee (not shown).  Medeiros bumps Ribeiro forwards causing him to go to his feet, and Medeiros immediately attacks with a single leg and finishes with the foot sweep.  “Comprido” gets on top but Ribeiro is able to get to his feet.

3:20 Remaining


A lot going on in this frame here :“Comprido” has just pulled guard and Ribeiro is attempting to pass, nearly gets swept, and omoplata’d but manages to pass the guard, avoid the bicep slicer of “Comprido” and move all the way into the mount position

1:36 Remaining


Comprido gets a deep half guard and hits a waiter sweep.  Ribeiro is able to get back to his feet.

Result: Saulo Ribeiro and Rodrigo Medeiros DRAW

What did you think of this match with these two legends?  Was it what you expected or did you think there would be more groundwork?

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