Kit Dale Vs. Garry Tonon Metamoris 4 GIF Highlights

Two time World Pro Jiu Jitsu Champ (Kit Dale) versus a five time No Gi World Champion (Garry Tonon) proved to be a bit lopsided match skill-wise than the betting odds would have led you to believe.

Let’s have a look at the highlights:

19:59 remaining


Tonon immediately rolls for a kneebar but is abit too far and ends up in still in a safe position pulling butterfly guard.

18:00 Remaining

m4-tonon-heel hook(wm)

Tonon switches from butterfly to half guard and works to get deep.  Rolls for a heel hook that starts to look nasty, Kit Dale escapes.

17:35 Remaining


Dale nearly passes Toon’s guard (not shown), but Tonon is able to get back to half guard. Tonon eventually backs his hips out and they are on their feet.

17:20 Remaining


Tonon gets a front headlock from the feet.  Dale tries to sit out which puts him in guillotine trouble. Dale tries a few different escapes but to no avail, Tonon hangs on tight and gets the sub.

Result: Garry Tonon defeats Kit Dale by guillotine choke

What did you think of this match?  Were the odds a bit silly on this match or did they sound about right?

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