Jeff Glover vs Baret Yoshida Metamoris 4 Secret Match GIF Highlights

Many predicted that the secret match would be a battle of the two announcers – Kenny Florian versus Jeff Glover.  Well, they were half right.  Baret Yoshida, veteran grappler and MMA fighter entered the ring and paced nervously back and forth at the red line not knowing who his opponent would be only to have Jeff Glover begin removing his suit to reveal his grappling spats.  

Yoshida was a top competitor in the late 90s and early 2000s but Jeff Glovers absolute outclassing (in a fun non-competitive way) of Yoshida was a testament as to how far BJJ has evolved over the last ten years.

This was a fun match to watch, let’s have a look at the highlights!

19:55 remaining


In the opening seconds of the match, Glover uses his famous “Donkey Guard”.  Yoshida pounces like a cat to try and take his back but Glover rolls right into a heel hook attempt.

19:40 remaining


Jeff gets a sweep right off his patented Donkey Guard

14:52 remaining


Glover does some Yoga Donkey Guard

Result: Jeff Glover and Baret Yoshida DRAW

Do you think Glover should have poured it on harder, or did he play it just right? Post in the comments below!

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  1. I don’t care for the way he’s acting there. It’s makes him look arrogant, and disrespectful of the other competitor, as well as the event. It should be clear that I’m not disrespecting him personally, or his skill level. My opinion is that it’s inappropriate for such a fantastic event.

    1. I thought the same thing when I watched it he first time. Baret seemed to be taking it seriously and Jeff was just clowning around. I guess maybe that was his way of keeping it entertaining or something.

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