Urijah Faber Vs Alex Caceres Judo Throws Sweeps Analysis and Gifs At UFC 175

Urijah Faber and Alex “Bruce Leroy” Caceres put on an exciting fight at UFC 175 with Urijah mixing in a few judo trips and throws, in fact even more than Ronda Rousey at the same event!  Even the rear naked choke was finished with a rarely used grip.

Gifs and analysis below:

Round 1: O uchi gari

Not an ouchy, but an Oh -ooochey – GAR-e, O uchi gari.  Otherwise translated to major inner reap done by pushing your opponent backwards and hooking their same side leg.

UFC 175-UF-ouchi(watermarked)

Round 2: (4:43 remaining): O Uchi Gari:

Another display of an o uchi set up with a circling motion

UFC 175-UF-ouchi2(watermarked)

Round 2: (4:43 remaining): Ko Uchi Gake:

Similar to the O uchi Gari above, this is the ko gake (minor inner hook).  It’s essentially the same miotion except hooking the right leg with your right leg (rather then right on left).


UFC 175-UF-kouchi(watermarked)

Round 2: (1:20 remaining): Osoto gari* / harai goshi

Bruce Leroy moves slightly to his left being off balance and leaning to his right for just a split second.  Faber, with his acute awareness of his opponents balance strikes quickly with a this sideways moving O Soto Gari* or major outer reap.

UFC 175-uf-harai(watermarked)

Round 3: single leg and the rear naked choke finish

Faber catches a single leg and drives Caceres backwards with punishing overhand rights.  He is finally able to get Bruce Leroy to the ground near the fence where he takes the back, secures his hooks while trapping Caceres’ left arm and finishes the rear naked choke with a rarely used hadaka jime grip.

UFC 175-UF-finish(watermarked)


The hadaka jime grip:


UFC 175: Faber v Caceres

You don’t see this a whole lot in MMA or submission grappling or really any competitions very much.  I have a feeling Faber went straight to this grip since he already had his left arm around Bruce Leroy’s neck.  Had that failed, Faber probably would have switched to using his right arm for the choke since Leroy’s left side was shut down.

So who’s next for Urijah?  Will he fight his teammate and now champ, TJ Dillishaw?



*could be classified as a harai goshi, but it’s more of a reaching and chopping motion a la Teddy Riner O soto rather than a loading onto the hip.



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