Ronda Rousey Vs Alexis Davis: Judo Throw Analysis and GIFs at UFC 175

Our resident judoka, Ronda Rousey, crushed Alexis Davis at UFC 175 even faster than her 1 minute and 4 second dispatching of Olympic wrestler, Sara McMann at UFC 170.

16 seconds is all it took for Rousey to showcase her new boxing skills. Rousey continues to add to her toolbox combining elements of her past wins with knees, ground control, judo throws, with her much improved and dangerous boxing.

GIFs and analysis below:

The overhand right/right hook:

UFC 175-RR-punch(watermarked)

  • Ronda nearly knocks out Davis with a powerful right hook, wobbling her badly and almost entirely slumping over until…
  • Rousey follows up with a left hook misses but gets her patented standing clinch and in a blink of an eye throws a knee and a harai goshi (sweeping hip) judo throw

UFC 175-RR-1(watermarked)


The Throw: Harai Goshi

UFC 175-RR-throw(watermarked)


  • This is one of Ronda’s staples having used it in nearly every one of her fights.  Following the punch with Davis slumping forward, Rousey takes her left head and arm grip, twists and tugs Davis to continue her forward momentum.  She inserts her hip and uses her left leg to sweep and guide Davis over directly onto her back for a kesa gatame pin position.
  • Ronda even tosses in a bit of flair on the throw hopping off of her planted foot to land with all of her weight on Davis just like she did to Meisha Tate at their last outing.  However, this time she doesn’t smash her face into the mat (nearly knocking herself out last time).
  • From the pin, Ronda finishes with school yard bully type punches to the forehead of poor Alexis, who is basically already unconcious, as you can see by her legs flailing through the air.
  • Referee Yves Lavigne calls off the fight, Davis continues to try and grapple with the referee unaware of what has happend.

That’s it, that’s all: A whole 16 seconds, I can’t help but say I was disappointed in how short the match was, even Urijah Faber had more judo throws in his match than Ronda!

What did you think of the fight?  Who’s next for Ronda?



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