UFC on Fox 11 – Werdum Vs Browne Highlight Reel Gifs

Fabricio Werdum faced the formidable Travis Browne on a stacked UFC on Fox card.  The cue cards for Mike Goldberg gave a big checkmark to Browne in the striking arena, and to Werdum for grappling, but it was Werdum who took it to Browne on the feet in this barn-burner.

We’ve got the highlight reel below!

Round 1

4:00 remaining

Browne tags Werdum with a left as Werdum ducks.  Werdum is hurt, pulls a deep half guard and scoots out the back door .  Browne gets up but finds himself being taken down for the first time in the UFC.  Werdum lands in top half guard.

1-UFC FOF11-VerdumHalf

2:35 remaining

Werdum softens Browne up with strikes and arm triangle attempts from half guard.  While Browne is distracted, Werdum is able to pass to side control.

 Browne springs up but Werdum immediately jumps to his back.  Browne is able to get up on his second try.

2-UFC FOF11-pass-verdum

1:20 remaining

Werdum lands a kick to the stomach with a thud, Browne slaps his belly to say “Hit me again!” and Werdum obliges with a left hook right on target.


1:07 remaining

Werdum lands a leg kick, he goes for a repeat but Browne catches it driving Werdum to the fence but thinks twice before bringing Verdum to the ground.

4-ufc FOF11-leg kick-verdum

0:46 Remaining

Browne puts his heel into Werdum’s face with a spinning kick, Werdum follows it up with a few strikes.

4a-UFC-FOF11-wheel kick

0:15 remaining

Werdum continues to land uppercuts, spinning back kicks and hooks hurting brown until the end of the round.

5-UFC FOF11-Strikes-Verdum

Round 2: 

The round opens up with more crisp striking from Werdum

4:21 remaining

Werdum hits double leg with an outside leg reap.  Browne tries to crawl away but Werdum keeps upper body control and gets one hook in near the fence

6-UFC FOF11-takedown-verdum

3:00 remaining

Werdum passes from half to side control with a tight head and arm control and begins to reign down strikes


1:39 remaining

From side control, Werdum steps over for arm bar.  As Werdum pulls to separate Browne’s arm from his body, this gives him just enough space to spin and get up.

8-UFC FOF11-armbarattempt-verdum

Browne is tired and labouring, while Werdum looks fresh landing crisp strikes

Round 3:

4:00 remaining

Werdum smacks Browne with spinning back fist and chases him down with combinations


2:28 remaining

Werdum makes it look like he’s practicing on a heavy bag


2:11 remaining

Another takedown by Werdum on the man who hadn’t been taken down prior to this match.  Travis is hard to takedown with the double/single leg, but Werdum has been having some success by following up the double/single with an outside leg hook.


1:22 remaining

Spinning back fist by Werdum


Round 4

Werdum makes Travis chase him for the majority of the round not wanting to jeopardize his lead.

2:00 remaining

Werdum goes for single, lets it go and follows up with strikes

13-UFC fof11-werdum

Below is a lot of what round 4 looked like


Round 5

Round 5 is a repeat of round 4 with Werdum taking down Browne early, keeping his distance, and captializing on Browne’s mistakes


4:27 remaining

Browne is finally able to land some strikes.  2  front kicks in a row.

16-UFC fof11-kicks-browne

Slo mo below with Werdum talking trash while kicking ass.

17-UFC fof11

This was a surprisingly one sided battle but after sitting through a five round beat down, it’s not so surprising to see Werdum have his hand raised for the unanimous decision.

Is Cain Valasquez next on Werdum’s list?

Post in the comments below!

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