Liz Carmouche and Miesha Tate put on a back and forth show at UFC on Fox 11.  Hell, there was even some Shaq-Fu in this matchup!

We’ve got the GIF grappling highlight reel below!

Round 1

Tate starts out the match looking lethargic.

Carmouche controls the first round starting off with this outside leg hook to spin Tate into the fence  Carmouche bullies Tate into the fence and scores a double leg take down immediately tying up Tate’s legs with an awkward mount on her shins. Tate isn’t able to do much with her butt on the ground and back against the fence….

UFC FCOF11-Carmouche double

Carmouche is all over Tate getting to her back standing and throwing knees to Tate’s backside.  Tate looks confused.

 UFC FCOF11-Carmouche-backknees

Tate gets a kimura grip from Carmouche’s standing back control and tries to take Carmouche down with an outside leg trip but puts herself off balance, Carmouche pivots into a perfect o guruma.  

Someone’s been practicing their judo!

What Tate should have done was sit down into a sumi gaeishi  a la Karo Parisyan.


Between rounds:

Shaq-fu, foo!


Round 2

Round 2 starts off with a striking exchange, but ends up by the fence mirroring round 1 with Carmouche controlling Tate using knees from standing back control and hitting two double legs takedowns, that is until

Turning point of the fight for Tate

Tate gets sick of the same move and is able to scoot her back away from the fence and begin cinching up a guillotine. From the guillotine she’s able to use a butterfly sweep to get Carmouche’s weight off her. Tate is able to stand up while still holding the guillotine.  She down in an attempt to sink it in. She cant quite get it so she uses a behtiful butterfly sweep to get carmiuch flipped over while keeping the hold. Tate drives her opponent over turning the tables and putting Carmiuches back against the fence, but loses a hold of the guillotine choke near the end of the round.

UFC FCOF11-Tate-guillotine

Round 3

Tate come out much more aggressive hitting a circling double leg takedown. Carmouche gets up only to be tripped up with an outside leg hook (Kosoto gari) into side control.

UFC FCOF11-TATE-takedowns

Tate ends up in side control for a good amount of time until she’s able to pass to almost a top half position with Carmouche having one butterfly hook on the bottom. Carmouche tries to kick Tate off but ends up having Tate pass directly to her back.

UFC FCOF11-Tate pass

Tate flattens Carmouche out, but is able to stand up and tries a reverse DDT. Tate hangs on and get closer and closer to the choke. Carmouche pulls Tate’s right arm down and Tate transition s to a palm to palm RNC.

Ref Herb Dean yells at Carmouche to not grab gloves. Confusion ensues and Tate lets go of her own glove.

UFC fcof11-tate-RNC

After giving away the first round and a half, Tate is able to come back and secure the W via unanimous decision.

I thought this was an exciting fight.  

How do you find women’s MMA stacks up to men’s in terms of entertainment value?

Post in the comments below!

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