Tbilisi Judo Grand Prix 2014: GIFs of Day 3

We’ve finally got Day 3 highlights for ya! There’s been so many ippons its tough to sift through all of them.
Prelim’s are always interesting to watch as many competitors are not as evenly matched in the early rounds.  This makes for some pretty good highlight reel GIFs!

 Another interesting observation with the increased mat time is that most players are transitioning into groundwork following their throws.  This was definitely not the case for the past few years.

-100kg Round 1: Loriashvili (GEO) V. Vaskovicius (LTU)

Loriashvili hits a  massive uki goshi 12 seconds into the match for ippon.   Notice the two stage throw, first he gets his hips across which brings Vaskovicius off his feet, second he continues twisting and throwing his own body into the mat to ensure ippon.


-100kg Round 1: Amrenov (KAZ) V. Tushishvili (GEO)

Tushishvili throws a rolling tai o toshi for ippon.  Do you think these kind of throws should count as ippon, or wazari?


-78kg Quarter Final: Dmitrieva (RUS) V. Odzelashvili (GEO)

Dmitrieva demonstrates how an o soto gari is done!


+78kg Quarter Final: Shekerova (RUS) V. Kebadze (GEO)

 A poor attempt at seoi nage by Kebadze, Shekerova makes her pay with a nicely executed clock choke.  Notice how she begins walking counterclockwise right away in order to get hold of the pant leg.  Once she grabs it, the choke starts to sink in.


+78kg Quarter Final: Kocaturk (TUR) V. Sapsai (UKR)

The big girls are out in full force!  Kocaturk trips up Sapsai with a Ko soto gari.  Sapsai falls on her knees, but Kocaturuk uses her strength and weight advantage to pull her down straight into kami shiho gatame pin.   And like my old construction boss would say “She’s givin’ it everything she’s got, but she ain’t goin’ no wheres”


-100kg Quarter Final: Mahjoub (IRI) V. Loriashvili (GEO)

Loriashvili launches into an o soto gari with a seoi nage grip.  It’s ippon at first but is then waived off into a wazari


-90kg Round 2: Gogotchuri (Geo) V. Jamali (IRI)

 Gogotchuri buries Jamali with an ura nage.  This has been a very well used technique this tournament.


+100kg Quarter Final: Matishvili (GEO) V. Krivobokov (RUS)

 Krivobokov makes Matishvili go splat on the mat.  I wish I could add sound to this GIF… but.. then that would be a video… Anyways,  that’s a lot of weight hitting the mat! Watch the second angle on Matishvili’s knee, it just pulls out in time before it gets bent completely sideways.


-78kg Semi Final: Dmitrieva (RUS) V. Galeone (ITA)

The women are using a lot of ne waza this tournatment.  Galeone hits a nice sankaku turnover, grabbing the ankle and faking one way, then taking the easy way over into a pin for ippon.  Galeone was able to take a bit of time to complete the turnover, big thanks to the new rules allowing more mat time.


-78kg Semi Final: Turks (UKR) V. Maranic (CRO)

Turks turns an osoto directly into a pin.


-100kg Semi Final: Tushishvili (GEO) V. Remarenco(UAE)

 A controversial throw Remarenco hits a nice ko soto gari.  Not completely on the back, but apparently with the amplitude and “sufficient” back contact, it’s an ippon.


That’s it, that’s all for the prelims!  So how do you like the new rules, positive or negative?

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the coverage of the Tbilisi Grand Prix.

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