Tbilisi Judo Grand Prix 2014: GIFs of Day 2 Prelims

Day 2 of IJF’s Judo Grand Prix 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia.  The new judo rules do seem to make it a bit more like greco-roman, but at least they are allowing more time for groundwork.

Day 2 prelim GIFs ahoy!

-81 kg Round 1: Moustopoulos (GRE) v. KAZ Abdullayev (KAZ)

Abdullayev scores a last second Ko soto gake at the last second of the match for wazari win


-73kg Round 2: Orujov (AZE) V. Gigani (GEO)

ORujov starts out with an ouchi gari and turns it into a sumi gaeshi for wazari


-73kg Round 2: Scvortov (UAE) V. (UZB)

Uchi mata by Scvortov.  This is why you do cartwheels in warmups.


-63kg Round 2: Gerbi (ISR) V. Teltidou (GRE)

Gerbi chucks her with ippon seoi/ yama arashi right off the grip and falls directly into an arm bar.  Vicious!


-63kg Round 2: Surakatova (RUS) V. Huseynova (AZE)

Surakatova attamepts a harai goshi and lands on her stomach, Huseynova attacks but is quickly reversed by Surakatova with a turnover and an arm bar.  Great to see enough time on the mats for these techniques to be displayed.


-63 kg Round 2: Shor (ISR) V. Shardze (GEO)

What would you call this a standing sumi geashi??? Post in the comments below.  Either way Shor for Ippon.


-81 Round 2: Margiani (GEO) V. Moustoupoulos (GRE)

 Margiani is leading the match with wazari from a harai makikomi only to end up smashing Moustoupoulos seconds later again with an o-uchi.


-81kg Round 2: Stevens (USA) V. Ruzkulov (KAZ)

Travis Stevens shows off some of his BJJ/ ne waza transitions.  Stevens starts off with a juji roll, transitions to an s-mount pin, waits for his moment, and finishes with the armbar.


-70kg Quarter Final: Gazieva (RUS) V. Mayersohn (ISR)

It doesn’t get much better than this: Gazieva waits for her opponent to step in just the direction she wants and finishes her with a well timed de ashi barai.


-73 kg Quarterfinal: Rekhviashvili (GEO) V. Tatalashvili (GEO)

Tatalashvili fakes an uchi mata and drives into a o uchi gari KOing Rekhviashvili in the process.


Another angle of the KO.


-63kg Quarterfinal Gerbi (ISR) V. Surakatova (RUS)

Gerbi dispatches another opponent with a massive sode tsurikomi goshi.

GP2014-63QF- Gerbi-sode-ippon(wm)

-63 Quarterfinal: Martin (USA) V. Sharadze (GEO)

Martin sets up Sharadze nicely getting her to circle one way, coming back the other with a thumping harai goshi.


-81 Quarterfinal: Stevens (USA) V. Chen (ISR)

Stevens hits a double footed tomoe nage and goes straight into a facedown arm bar


-70kg Semifinal: Gazieva (RUS) V.Matic (CRO)

 Matic of Croatia hits a big uchi mata counter off of Gazieva’s ko soto gake attempt.

GP2014-70SF- Matic-uchimata-ippon(wm)

-63kg Semifinal: Gerbi (ISR) V. Milosevic (SLO)

Gerbi has been unstoppable all day, this is the third match she has thrown for ippon immediately off of her opponents reach.  Notice her right hand grip.  Seoi/tai o/ uchi mata/yama arashi hybrid throw.  Pretty easy to see why she’s the current world champ.


-81kg Semifinal: Stevens (USA) V. Mehdiyev (AZE)

 Stevens takes the carpet from underneath Mehdiyev in this semi final matchup with a nice de ashi barai straight into knee on belly, not an ippon but a healthy wazari.


Leave a comment below if you want to see GIFs from day 2 Finals!


  1. Shor’s “standing uchi-gaeshi” is a sambo move called the gadavlia, also called the Khabarelli.

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