Tbilisi Judo Grand Prix 2014: Gifs of Day 1 Finals -6 Ippons and a Wazari

Day 1 of the action featured women’s  -48kg, -52kg and -57kg categories and men’s -60kg and -66kg categories, and of the 15 medal matches, seven finished with Ippon.

-48Kg Bronze medal match: Lokmanhekim (TUR) V. Vrsic (SLO)

The medal matches and ippons start off with the smallest, fastest and most furious category.

Lokmanhekim is down by 2 yukos but comes from behind to score ippon with a solid o uchi gari


-60KG Bronze medal match: Papinashvili (GEO) V. Galstyan (RUS)

The crowd was absolutely bonkers in this match with the local versus the olympic champ.  Galstyan puts the crowd into a hush when he buries his opponent with a big ura nage for wazari with only 30 seconds left.

GP2014-60BR- Galstyan-uranage-wazari(wm)

-60kg Bronze medal match: Chkhvimiani (GEO) V. Yessimbetov (KAZ)

Chkhvimiani scores with a tai otoshi but  Yessimbetov attempts to bridge out of the technique.  Landing on your head and neck to bridge is an automatic ippon. Chkhvimiani walks away with the bronze.

Gp2014-60BR- Chkhvimiani-taiotoshi-ippon(wm)

-57kg Bronze medal match: Hevondian (UKR) V. Altai (MGL)

Altai takes her mongolian wrestling style grip and is thwarted by a nicely timed sasae.


-48kg Gold medal match: Kondratyeva (RUS) V. Cherniak (UKR)

Kondratyeva transitions back and forth from juji roll arm bar to the S-mount pin.  Absolutely wonderful to see such ne waza back in judo.  This is way too long for a GIF so just watch from 1:25 and on below.


-60kg Gold medal match: Kossayev (KAZ) V. Safarov (AZE)

Safarov buries Kossayev with a big osoto gari for the gold.  Notice his overhand grip just ripping Kossayev over


-66kg Gold medal match: Zantaraia (UKR) V. Shikhalizada (AZE)

Shikhalizada throws Zantaraia with tai o toshi, Zantaraia attempts to bridge out of the throw (second example on this day).  Ippon and gold for Shikhalizada.


-57kg Gold Medal match: Rogic (SRB) V. Zabludina (RUS)

Another display of the juji roll by the Russian’s.  They’ve been using it all day and Zabludina takes the gold medal with a smooth juji roll.  Notice how she finishes with the ankle behind the neck rather than over the head.  Rogic is tapping while she rolls over.GP2014-57F-Zabludina-armbar-ippon(wm)

What was your favourite ippon in day 1 of the finals?  Post in the comments below!

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