Last weekend was the IJF grand prix in Tbilisi, Georgia.  This is one of IJF’s mid sized events (still huge) with participants largely from Europe.  Of course, these are the elite of Europe’s judo talent pools looking to collect points for the 2016 Olympics.

Day 1 of the action featured women’s  -48kg, -52kg and -57kg categories and men’s -60kg and -66kg categories.

There were some heavy throws for the smaller players so check out the top 5 ippons, and honorable mention wazari GIFs below!

When you’re done that, check out the 9 Best Ne Waza Techniques from Day 1 of the 2014 Judo Grand Slam.

The Wazari’s

Sometime’s there are throws that score Wazari when on any other day they would be an ippon.  Let’s check them out.

#6 Ura Nage for….yuko?

Ukraine’s Pliyev throws Turkmenistan’s Momunov with a big Ura Nage.  It scores wazari at first but is changed to yuko.  What do you think?


#5 Cohen throws Levystka with a thumping o uchi

Levystka is just able to turn slightly onto her side to avoid an ippon in this -52kg semifinal match.

Gp2014-52SF- Cohen-ouchi-wazari(WM)

#4 Galstyan follows up a seoi nage with a ko uchi gari

Merebashvili gets flattened in this quarterfinal match.  What do you think, was this ippon?

GP2014-60 Qfinal Galstyan-kouchi-wazari1(WM)

#3 Yoko Otoshi

Yessimbetov of Kazakhstan surprises Harutyunyan with a yoko otoshi.  This first round -60kg battle was one of the most exciting matches of the day with the action going back and forth.


#2 Galstyan counters Safrov’s Osoto Gari attempt with a makikomi

The -60kg Olympic champ doesn’t budge on this osoto attempt and nearly finishes the match


#1 This throw

If you can name this throw that Safrov scores on the Olympic Champ, Galstyan, in the comments below you’ll score yourself a gold star!!



The Ippon’s

#5 –  5….4….3…2….1

An otherwise unspectacular throw, but the Russian Gadanov was down by one shido about to lose this match.  With 14 seconds left he pulls out a hail mary O uchi/walk around counter to Kardava’s ura nage attempt.



#4 Overhand O Soto Gari

Georgia’s Merebashvili controls the Isreali, Shemesh’s, posture with an interesting grip.



#3 Rib breaking sode tsurikomi goshi

-66kg Quarter final: Shikhalizada throws Kardava for wazari, but Kardava ends up tapping after what looks like an injury to his chest on the throw.



#2 O soto gari

The Russian Rumyantseva throws Ukrain’s Cherniak with a thumping osoto gari in this -48kg semi final.  You can almost hear the wind rushing out of Cherniak.



#1 Morote Seoi Nage by Galstyan on Merebashvili

The olympic champ executes a drop-pop morote seoi nage typically only seen with the Korean and Japanese players.  Very nice!


What was your favourite? Post in the comments below!
Didn’t see it? Request it!

Don’t forget to check out the 9 Best Ne Waza Techniques from Day 1 of the 2014 Judo Grand Slam.


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