Metamoris 3 Eddie Bravo Vs Royler Gracie Play by Play GIFs and Analysis

Eddie Bravo came into the limelight in 2003 upsetting Royler Gracie at the ADCC semifinals.  Eddie was a relative unknown who, with his unique style of Jiu Jitsu was able to submit Royler via a triangle choke.  Over the past ten years, the BJJ community at large has been questioning the legitimacy of  Eddie Bravo, and March 29, 2014, he was finally able to put that to rest.  This really was one of the few rematches in BJJ/MMA that lived up to the hype.

As usual, we’ve got the highlights, play by play GIFs and analysis below.  Let’s have a look!

19: 45 remaining:

Eddie jumps straight into half guard, ending up with more of a quarter guard.


19: 45-17:45 remaining:

Over the next few minutes, Royler and Eddie fight for underhooks.  Royler looks to pass with the knee slice as Eddie looks to get his electric chair position.


15:17 remaining:

Royler gets his right underhook and puts on the shoulder cross face in hopes to get knee slice pass.  This puts Eddie flat on his back making it harder to execute his half guard game and at risk of getting passed.


13:40 left 

Eddie creates a frame (Jaws of Life as 10thP guys call it) on Royler’s face to create space and his left undertook back allowing him to get to his side into the electric chair position.


13:00 left

Eddie puts on a nasty electric chair submission attempt on Royler.  This puts his opponent in a forced splits position.  Royler weathers the storm with his amazing flexibility.


12:45 left

See Eddie talking trash while holding Royler in the electric chair position


12:29 left

Eddie sweeps Royler, Royler is able to kick his legs to move back on top, but Eddie goes for the sweep once again.  Eddie holds onto the leg with his right armand gets his left arm around the back of RG’s kneck, clasping his hands together to secure the top half guard position.


11:55 left

Eddie hold the top half position and is able to frustrate Royler (see him gesturing with his hands).  Eddie senses Royler relaxing and pulls the leg free to pass into side control.


10:57 left

Royler catches Eddie’s arm with a leg triangle and is able to create some space.  Royler gets his arms in and frames to create a scramble rolling to his knees. This works right into Eddie’s game as he rolls into “100% neck crank” with the top half guard lockdown still in.


10:30 left 

Royler is able to sit up and shake Eddie off his back. Eddie pulls half guard again and the game continues.


8:05 left

History repeats itself. Eddie gets his left arm underhook, gets the electric chair sweep again and goes for the submission


7:15-6:45  (no gif)

Royler and Eddie go back and forth electric chair sweep, and reversals.

5:20 left

After going back and forth, Eddie uses the electric chair sweep ending up in “stoner control”.  They get near the mats edge and the ref stops them.  Confusion ensues about the position.  Finally a replay is played on the big screen and the action continues.



3:55 left

The action continues in the middle of the mat with Royler trying to take top position (gif to come).  Once they reset properly with Eddie having stoner control position, Eddie is able to transition to the vaporizer leg lock.


Eddie cranks the vaporizer.  Royler toughs it out until the buzzer sounds.



What did you think of the match?  Do you think a second rematch is needed, or did Eddie Bravo prove himself as legitimate?  

Post in the comments below!



    1. Agreed–and Royler wins 0/10 times. 8 matches end in awesome draws like this one with Eddie showcasing his game. Metamoris is awesome.

      1. Metamoris is awesome! This was an amazing matchup and it was nice not to see 20 minutes of 50/50 and berimbolos. Actually to be honest I really like a lot of 10th planet stuff and it was nice to see it being used at the highest level of competition.

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  2. Eddie never entered the truck and never attempted the twister. The neck crank is the “100%” and the “truck roll” as you called it is the vaporizor leg lock from stoner control. He also never hit the old school sweep, but did sweep from stoner control to get on top ( the position surrounding the reset i.e. leg drag with lockdown intact.)

  3. Eddie showed Royler, and Gracie BJJ to be irrelevant, obsolete and finished. He completely embarrassed and humiliated Royler – who is supposed to be one of THE greatest BJJ practitioners of all time, That wasn’t even a contest, that was a one sided lesson in JJ from the great Eddie Bravo.

    1. It was pretty damn one sided, I’m surprised Eddie couldn’t get a sub. BUT I’m even MORE surprised that Royler had absolutely no answer for the lockdown and the rest of Eddie’s half guard game. Did Royler even prepare for any of that stuff?

  4. This match was so satisfying to watch after seeing all the BS Gracie BJJ fans have been talking about 10th planet and Eddie Bravie. Eddie finally proves the BJJ world isn’t flat.

    1. Actual quote from Royler post fight:
      “He went there and just holds me. I’m not criticizing him. I’m almost 50 and I did well in there, so I also can say I feel like I won the fight”

  5. You know, there’s this “myth” about BJJ that it kills your ego. To continue, you have to weather the storm, but after guys have some experience they go right back to ego, and you can probably see that the most with the Gracies.

    1. I definately agree, I never really thought about that but I guess BJJ and other martial arts where you get pwned as a beginner forces you to suppress your ego in order to weather the storm and progress to a level of competency.

      That ego is there all along, but if you don’t tuck it away, it will get the best of you. That’s why new guys who can’t deal with being tapped quit, and the guys who can deal with their ego keep going.

      But it is probably always sitting in the background and it could start to come back when you’re not getting pwned anymore….. And then you turn into a Gracie lol

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