UFC 171 Hector Lombard vs Jake Shields – Judo Throw Analysis

Hector Lombard, formerly an Olympian Judoka for Cuba, put on a dominating performance at UFC 171 against the experienced Jake Shields.  Lombard not only showed off some flashy judo throws but also stuffed 7 of 7 takedown attempts from Shields.

Let’s have a look!

Round 1 (4:49 left) Ko Soto Gake:

Lombard barrels in and quickly establishes a right underhook and left elbow grip.  As Shields steps back with his left foot, Lombard capitalizes on the movement with a Ko Soto Gake (minor outside leg hook) which sends Shields absolutely flying.


Round 1 (3:24 left) Takedown defense:

Shields drops for a high single leg takedown and Lombard defends by establishing a strong whizzer grip, and circling Shields towards the fence.


Round 2 (4:15 left) : Ko Soto Gari

Lombard sprawls off of Shields’ double leg attempt, mixes in a knee and hits a huge ko soto gari (outside reap).  This ko soto gari is a reaping motion of the legs (notice how Shields’ legs get swept/reaped into the air) whereas the first throw (gake) is an outside hooking and following with the upper body.


Round 2 (0:45 left) : Tai O Toshi 

This is masterful display of the balance awareness Olympic level judoka have, being able to pull off a hand technique, Tai O Toshi (body drop) without the help of the judogi.  Lombard lands in side control and switches to Kezure Kesa Gatame.


Round 3 (3:47 left) : Ko Soto Gake

Lombard sprawls off of Shields’ double leg attempt and immediately hits an outside leg hook as Shields’ stands up and steps back.


Round 3 (0:16 left) : Morote Gari

Lombard finds himself low on Shields after eating a knee and capitilizes on the position with a Morote Gari (better known as a double leg takedown).  Shields nearly finishes Lombard with a nasty guillotine, but Lombard is saved by the bell.


What was your favourite throw?

Are you going to take up judo yet?

Post in the comments below!



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  2. I took an introduction class just before Christmas & of course it was the last class of the year.

    I’m really looking forward to starting in the new year.

    My main focus is the self defence aspects

    1. Hey Jazz, did you get to do some judo this year yet?

      I think you’ll find Judo sparring (Randori) is excellent, full speed, self defence training. With having to close the distance through a barrage of hands moving towards you for grips, getting into a clinch/grip and executing off balancing and throwing, I can’t think of too many other martial arts that do this at full speed every single practice.
      I think it’s especially useful with the gi, since in self defence situations people are usually wearing clothes.
      But, that being said, even without a gi on, the principles of off balancing and using your opponents momentum against them still apply (I mean just look at the GIFs in this article!)

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