Unexpected Finish to Rousey McMann UFC 170 Fight – GIFs of the staredown and KO

After much anticipation of this Olympian grappling match, it came to an unexpected ending.  Rousey and McMann spent the majority of the fight in the clinch near the fence, however, it was the aggressive striking of Ronda Rousey which gave her the win via TKO.

See the GIFs below as Ronda throws a total of 8 left knees to Sara’s liver with the last crumpling McMann.  McMann looked to be getting up however it wasn’t before Herb Dean steps in to call the match.



Knee 1 (4:51 left):

Both fighters bullrush in with strikes to engage the clinch, Ronda gets her first big left knee, than almost hits an o uchi gari to ko uchi gari footsweep combo.  Watch closely, it’s fast!


Knee 2 (4:41 left):

Ronda is able to back Sara into the fence and they trade knees to the stomach.


Knee 3 (4:31 left):

A grazing left knee is followed by a left knee by McMann’s.


Knees 4,5,6 (4:26-4:23 left):

The fighters disengage from the fence but re-engage into the clinch with Ronda landing 3 left knees in 3 seconds


Knee 7 (4:13 left):

Ronda has her favourite head and arm grip and is working to unbalance Sara when she throws a big knee, this disengages them for ronda to land a right elbow.


Knee 8 and TKO (3:58 left):

Sara is trying to get her underhooks, and Ronda takes a left whizzer grip (this video explains a whizzer) and whips McMann over towards her right followed by a big left knee to crumple McMann.  It looks as though McMann is getting up right away to continue, however, it’s too late as Herb Dean has stopped the fight.  Ronda by TKO at 1:04 of the first round.

     ufc 170-6

A better angle in HD



What did you think of the referee stoppage?  Was it too early or just right? Post in the comments below!


  1. Herb “early stoppage” Dean strikes again! Sara would have dominated Rousey if the fight would have gone on, she was clearly getting up!!

    1. i mean yeah because she was dominating the fight after being buckled by the knee to the body, leaving her completely defenseless. that was just strategy. she really had the fight under control!

    2. Sarah would not have dominated rousey after taking that knee, obviously it landed quite hard as it dropped her, and a knee like that tends to hurt for a while after so mcmann would have been hurting for a while if the fight went on and rousey would be able to capitalize on that kind of situation which she has in previous fights, i dont think it would have lasted much longer if it had continued

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