How Sara McMann Will Defend Against Ronda Rousy’s Armbar

Ronda Rousey has won all 8 of her professional MMA matches via armbar. Today we look at how Ronda does her favourite armbar and how to defend against it.

Ronda Rousey’s Juji-Squish Armbar

Defense to the juji-squish

Travis Steven’s, Ronda’s US Olympic teammate and the US Olympic judo coach Jimmy Pedro teach you how to stuff Ronda’s juji gatame. This is done by trapping the leg on your stomach between your own legs and forcing the roll.

Some of the YouTube commenters are convinced that Travis and Jimmy are selling out their teammate. Others are more sensible saying, “I’m pretty sure Meisha was taught and drilled this 1000 times in her training camp (she brought in a high level judo coach). It doesn’t matter, Rousey will get the armbar or transition to something else.”

Will Sara McMann get armbarred like all of Ronda’s past opponents?

Or will the Olympic wrestling silver medalists’ grappling overcome Rousey’s judo based groundwork?

Post in the comments below!

Photo credit: Jane Kamin-Oncea USA Today Sports



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