UFC 168 Rousey – Tate Judo Throw Highlights (GIFs)

Ronda Rousey had one of her best showings despite being pushed past the first round for the first time. The UFC 168 co-main event had her squaring off with arch-nemesis, Meisha Tate.

Full analysis on Rousey and Tate’s takedowns with animated gifs below.

Round 1

0:15 – Sumi Gaeshi (corner reversal)

Ronda uses a classic setup with a fake uchi mata to get Tate onto her left foot, and quickly sits under and scoops the leg with her foot, rolls and kicks Tate over.


0:56 kuchiki taoishi (one hand throw down/knee pick)

Rousey times Tate’s left leg kick and grabs a hold for a knee pick takedown.


1:25 Kosoto gake – outside hook

Tate scores a very nice outside hook or kosoto gake from a double leg type grip.


3:17 uchi mata – inner thigh throw

Tate goes for an outside hook again but this time gets countered with an uchi mata. Rousey uses the Tate’s momentum and leg position, turns into the direction of Tate’s throw, lifts Tate’s leg and flips her to the mat.


4:00 -uchi mata – inner thigh throw

Tate makes her third attempt for the outside hook. Her grip is high up on Rousey which allows her to throw her again with uchi mata.


Round 2

0:08 – ko uchi gari – foot sweep

Rousey clinches up with her usual headlock control and left wrist. She fakes an uchi mata to get Tate to react backwards and then sweeps out her foot.


0:31 – harai goshi (sweeping hip throw)

Tate shoots for a takedown and is countered with a crushing harai goshi. Again, Rousey uses Tate’s momentum against her by turning, getting her hips in tossing her over.

Note the grip: Rousey’s right hand gripping Tate’s left elbow. Her left hand is just on Tate’s back.


Slow motion of the harai goshi. Rousey hops off her leg at the last second to land on Tate for extra impact.


1:00 kuchiki taoishi (one hand throw down/knee pick)

Ronda leads in with a left jab and combines it with the single leg knee pick, she can’t quite get it and Tate tries to counter with an uchi mata of her own but Ronda smothers her with heavy hips.


2:25 uki goshi – floating hip throw / tai o toshi – body drop

Ronda let’s Tate push away from the cage to get her momentum coming forwards and snaps a sharp Uki Goshi/Tai o toshi with an undertook and elbow grip. This places Ronda in a nice modified scarf hold position. Notice her right arm is under Tate’s armpit rather than the headlock style (kesa gatame). This is much safer and there is less risk of getting her back taken.


Round 3

0:38 – sumi gaeshi (corner reversal)

The second attempt at Sumi gaeshi, again with an uchi mata to unbalance Tate. Tate has good body awareness and hip movement and is able to stay on top. Rousey gets her guard and begins the juji-roll armbar to inevitably finish the match.


Finish – Juji roll armbar

Interestingly Rousey can’t get her right leg over Tate’s head but clamps her legs together and is still able to finish the armbar.


Rousey breaks Tate’s grip by rolling over towards the head. Rousey shows perfect technique keeping the arm against her chest and extending her hips upward


What was your favourite throw of the night?

Post in the comments below!




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