Thurs Nov 7, 2013: Super Deep Uchi Mata

I got in an hour of judo today!

What did Thomas teach today? Uchi mata with an “awkward step”.

What's an awkward step you ask? It's when your back step, or second step in your uchi mata setup is super deep and stomps down right in the middle of their feet. You end up all wound up in an awkward position but when you unwind it's a sharp fast uchi mata/harai goshi/hane goshi.

You need to stomp your foot for your awkward step because your going to be putting all of your weight on it. Just tapping your foot for uchi Komi isn't enough, you'll be training yourself to NOT put your weight on that foot. See my super awesome illustrations below.

Another point is on your first step, picture yourself gluin your ribs to your partners chest so you are perpendicular. If you are glued together once you start to unwind you'll take them with you!

This is a pretty good series of videos on uchi mata. The difference in the way we learned today was a deeper second step. It's important to get low to be able to step deep.


Some notes on Randori:

Felt super loose today, it was great, wasn't worried about being thrown and worked on attacking with the left sasae, right osoto attack today. It even worked a few times!




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