You voted so here are the results, 4 premium shirt winners, and pre-sale info!

Thanks to everyone for voting on our new t-shirt design.  We are working with a super-talented designer who’s come up with an awesome new logo (you probably noticed it above).  We liked the design so much we decided to put it on a high quality cotton/poly blend fitted shirt (see below for discount codes)!  Also, we will be posting a profile of our designer and her work very soon!


So, there were two choices: The classic horizontal versus the wild vertical and a clear winner emerged.


78% of the votes went to the Vertical design!


Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 11.36.59 AM

Presale info

The 48 hour public pre-sale for shirts 35% off of the regular price will begin Sunday March 31 midnight (MST).

Coupon code: BLOGREADER

Like us on facebook to receive 50% these shirts, future discounts and be the first to hear our latest news.

T-Shirt winners!!

We were originally going to give away only 1 shirt, but we decided to give away 4!   We will be contacting you for your size and shipping info, as well we will have a special discount code

Blog comment winners

  • secretknives
  • Thomas O

r/judo winner

  • GeoSol

r/bjj winner

  • WhiskeyTFoxtrot


Until next time, keep on rolling!

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