1. I would think the vertical logo would really be striking if you could color it the same as the horizontal logo.

  2. Traditional for me — I think it’s a little easier to read (the vertical may get bunched up a bit depending on how it’s worn). Also probably looks a bit nicer on the “fairer” gender… and provides a nice excuse to read it over and over again. 🙂

    1. Never even thought of the whole bunching up situation when a person is sitting, thanks!
      And I suppose you’ll be happy to hear we will be offering the shirt in ladies sizes as well in the same high quality, fitted cotton/poly blend.

  3. The first one is a bit more boring and plain, the second one is more eye catching so I like the second one better

  4. I think the tradition is just to generic while the wild pops. Definitely looked at the wild design and thought I would wear that.

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