Ryan Hall – Taking the Back Video

Post by Jason

I love BJJ but sometimes I it's hard to watch some of the higher level competitions. It might just be that I don't have a good understanding of what's going on. Buuuuut, here are some high level comp highlights from Ryan Hall which is pretty friggen sick! Thanks to our friends at Around the Harbour!

It's all about

half guard->modified back mount ->full back mount transition

twister side control -> twister roll->modified back mount ->full back mount transition.

Notice how he works fast, furious and relentless. This is what I like about judo ne waza and I think sometimes sport BJJ lacks this type of ferocity or intensity, though I'm fortunate to be rolling with people lately who appreciate a more intense style of rolling (in a controlled way).

If you care, here are some translations/definitions:

  • twister side
    control: Ushiro Kesa gatame
  • twister roll: from twister side control, when they try and roll into you, you put yourself in top half guard by hooking the far leg and rolling over to get to…
  • modified back mount: back control with both of your legs around one of your opponents legs

Everybody loves to hate on Eddie Bravo for having a million retarded names for every little move or even for moves that already have names. I actually find it helps immensely when explaining a position or move to someone.


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