Parkour: The Art of Running Away

Post by Jason

I missed judo practice today for the first time in a long time. Since I have nothing to say about practice I thought I'd share this:

Pugialism: The martial art of fighting with fists

Judo: The martial art of grappling

Parkour: The martial art of running away.

Lolz! Don't get me wrong I wish I could do parkour, but c'mon martial art of running away?? That shit is funny.




  1. Parkour is the art of finding the best solution/goal/outcome in the environment that one is in. And “fighting with fists” or “grappling” is most realistically in everyday dangerous situations is not the best solution/goal for a outcome ( but just a decision most realistically leading to trouble, more problems and ultimately death), so then in other word, the true purpose (what you would say “art”) of Parkour is to run to the goal or situation, to be able to make the best decision in one’s environment. This does not mean a traceur (this name means: one who practice the art of Parkour) will not fight if it was necessary, truthfully he will. But when handling more than ten men armed with guns(with what you see in David Belle film, District 13), his best option is to leave the scene. In conclusion, Parkour is the martial art of finding adapting to the environment.
    Word of notice: Do not put what you see in movies as a actual art (definition) of what that particular thing is in reality. Because movies are fake and fantasies, all scripted, something like that cannot define a true art.

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