17 Jan 13 – Thursday Judo Class

17 Jan 13 – Thursday Judo Class

Post by Ivan.

Huge flipping class again, 40+ people with little mat space.

Warm up

  • The usual, running and stretching and break-falls. We also did the all-important shrimping exercises with an extra caveat of having your foot come up to block the hips


  • Moving back and forth uchi-komi from forward throws to backward throws. As I promised myself as a shitty new year’s resolution in a way, I kept practicing osoto-gari from different positions and when we were moving in a circular motion and draggggggging with the lapel hand to off-balance.
  • We also drilled transitioning from different hold downs – side mount to scarf hold to full mount, etc. One small protip from my friend Dan is when going to full mount from side, it’s better to slide your foot across the belly and hold the legs down to protect yourself from the half guard.
  • After the drills, we divided into a group for what I got tricked into thinking we were going to do shark bait. Totally not randori shark bait. We drilled doing turn overs on a semi-resisting opponent from stomach or turtle position. Few things I got to work on is actually turning over to take his back when he’s in turtle and fishing my hand under his chin. I wanted to play nice with white belts and not grind my knuckles under his chin, but meh being uncomfortable is all part of grappling.
  • Throw for throw practice. I want to keep a good pace and start off balancing my opponent by dragging and moving, but I was doing it too fast. I would find myself off-balance coming in for a throw. So work on that, doing more uchi-komi in a randori sort of fashion.


None. Nothing we can really film too, it’s too big as of right now. Probably get some stuff next week.



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